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Local Resources & Information for Elizabeth, Union County

Elizabeth, Union County Addiction Treatment Guide

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Addiction Treatment near Elizabeth, Union County

group therapy of multiracial young people in a classroom
group therapy of multiracial young people in a classroom

Located near Elizabeth in Union County, Right Choice Recovery is a state-of-the-art addiction treatment center dedicated to revolutionizing recovery therapy. The adept team commits to a unique 1:1 client-to-staff ratio, promising individualized care and attention.

The center takes pride in its comprehensive holistic services, providing specialized programs guaranteed to cater to each patient’s particular needs. In addition, Right Choice Recovery values the role family plays in rehabilitation, thus ensuring they are integral parts of the process.

With an unparalleled blend of evidence-based, integrative medicine services and clinical care, right alongside individual and group therapy sessions, Right Choice Recovery stands as a beacon of hope for those battling addiction. Grounded in compassion and dedication, it is the preferred sanctuary for those seeking to overcome afflictions.

Why We Stand Out

  • Integrated blend of evidence-based treatment modalities
  • Customized treatment programs tailored to individual needs
  • High staff-to-client ratio for personalized care and attention
  • Comprehensive family support system
  • Utilization of holistic therapies alongside clinical care
Diverse group of people sitting in circle in group therapy session.

Our Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction Statistics, Elizabeth, Union County

In 2019, Union County, home to Elizabeth, recorded 147 suspected drug overdose deaths, contributing to a total of 3,021 deaths statewide. Moreover, there were 851 instances of individuals receiving naloxone administrations, with 187,039 opioid prescriptions dispensed within the community.

Moving to 2020, the state of New Jersey reported 1,595 overdose deaths from January 1st to June 30th, along with an estimated distribution of 1,789,327 opioid prescriptions statewide. Within Union County specifically, 80,925 prescriptions were distributed, while 75 suspected overdoses occurred, and 359 doses of naloxone were administered.

Elizabeth, situated in Union County, New Jersey, faces a significant challenge with drug addiction, reflecting a nationwide trend. The issue is influenced by socio-economic factors, access to healthcare, and community dynamics. Efforts to address it involve law enforcement actions, prevention programs, and rehabilitation services. However, despite these efforts, drug addiction remains a persistent issue, requiring a multifaceted approach involving collaboration between various stakeholders to provide effective treatment and support for those affected.

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Emergency Services in Elizabeth, Union County

Medical department

1 Police Plaza, Elizabeth, NJ 07201

Police department

411 Irvington Ave, Elizabeth, NJ 07208

Fire department

Urgent Care & Walk-in Medical Suite
200 Freeway Dr E STE 305, East Orange, NJ 07018
8 AM–8 PM
9 AM–6 PM on weekends

MD Care Urgent Care Center
637 Westfield Ave 2nd Flr, Elizabeth, NJ 07208
8 AM–8 PM
9 AM–4 PM on weekends

Concentra Urgent Care
615 Division St, Elizabeth, NJ 07201
Monday, 8 AM–5 PM Closed on weekends

Bridgeway Behavioral Health Services
615 N Broad St, Elizabeth, NJ 07208

Bridgeway House Homeless
265 W Grand St, Elizabeth, NJ 07202

Community Services in Elizabeth, Union County

Trinitas Regional Medical Center – Williamson Street Campus Emergency Room
225 Williamson St, Elizabeth, NJ 07202
+19089945000 Open 24 hours

Healthcare, tablet and nurses talking and planning schedule for medical team while online with hosp

Community Resources in Elizabeth, Union County

    Alcoholics Anonymous

    Sunday 9:15 AM Elizabeth
    First Presbyterian Parish House, 42 Broad St.
    (at Caldwell Place)

    Friday at Noon
    Open Meeting Of Alcoholics Anonymous
    331 Elizabeth Ave.
    Elizabeth, NJ

    Saturday at 11:00 AM
    Open Meeting Of Alcoholics Anonymous
    331 Elizabeth Ave.
    Elizabeth, NJ

    Narcotics Anonymous

    New Zion Baptist Church
    800 Flora Street
    Elizabeth, NJ 07206
    Directions: Private parking available
    Friday 6:30 pm

    Mravlag Manor
    688 Maple Avenue
    Elizabeth, NJ 07206
    Wednesday 6:30 pm

Sober Activities in Elizabeth, Union County

In Elizabeth, Union County, there are plenty of sober activities to enjoy. Visit Warinanco Park for a peaceful walk, explore the historic sites at Liberty Hall Museum, or attend a show at the Ritz Theatre. Check out the local farmers market, have a picnic at Kellogg Park, or take a yoga class at a nearby studio.

  • The Mills at Jersey Gardens in Elizabeth, Union County offers extensive shopping opportunities with over 200 stores. Explore high-end brands at factory outlet prices. Food options are abundant too, with many restaurants and food courts. Children can enjoy the carousel while car services and tax-free shopping attract international visitors.

  • AMC Jersey Gardens 20 in Elizabeth offers first-rate movie experiences with RealD 3D and IMAX screens. Eat at MacGuffins Bar and enjoy made-to-order foods and beverages along with your favorite cinematic features. Advance ticketing is available and the theatre itself is wheelchair accessible with hearing-impaired devices available.

  • At the Ritz Theatre & Performing Arts Center, visitors can enjoy an array of cultural performances. These range from concerts, plays and dance performances to comedy shows, community events and movie screenings. The centre also offers educational programs like acting workshops and summer camps for the artistically inclined.

  • 1 & 9 Billiards & Entertainment in Elizabeth offers a variety of activities for leisure and fun. You can enjoy a game of pool in the spacious billiards area, sip craft cocktails at the bar, watch sports on large screens, or participate in arcade games. It’s an ideal spot for entertainment.

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What is "addiction treatment"?

An addiction treatment facility is a specialized center that provides support and assistance to individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction. It offers various programs and therapies to help individuals overcome their addiction and achieve long-term recovery. These facilities typically have a team of medical professionals, therapists, and counselors who work together to create personalized treatment plans for each individual. The treatment may include detoxification, medication management, individual and group counseling sessions, behavioral therapies, and aftercare support. The ultimate goal of an addiction treatment facility is to help individuals break free from the cycle of addiction and lead healthier, substance-free lives.

African american man talking about alcohol addiction at aa therapy meeting with people

Who is "addiction treatment" for?

An addiction treatment facility is designed for individuals struggling with substance abuse or addiction. It is meant to help those who are dependent on drugs or alcohol and are seeking professional assistance to overcome their addiction. These facilities typically cater to people of all ages and backgrounds, including teenagers, adults, and older individuals. Addiction treatment facilities offer various programs and therapies to address different levels of addiction and provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to receive the necessary treatments, counseling, and support to recover and sustain a drug-free or alcohol-free lifestyle.

Break free from addiction and reclaim your life

Take the first step towards a brighter future. Say goodbye to addiction and hello to a life of freedom and fulfillment. Reclaim control, restore relationships, and rediscover your passions. Don’t wait any longer – you deserve a life that is addiction-free. Start your journey to recovery today.

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How to find Right Choice Recovery from Elizabeth, Union County

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of an addiction treatment program can vary depending on multiple factors, such as the individual’s specific needs and the severity of their addiction. Typically, treatment programs can last anywhere from 30 days to 90 days or even longer. It is important to consult with the addiction treatment center directly to determine the specific duration of their program.

At our facility, we offer a variety of addiction treatment approaches to cater to individual needs. Some of the commonly used approaches include:

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): This approach focuses on identifying and modifying patterns of thinking and behavior that contribute to addiction.

2. Motivational Interviewing: This technique helps individuals explore and resolve ambivalence about their addiction, and enhances motivation for positive change.

3. Group Therapy: We provide group therapy sessions where individuals can share their experiences, offer support, and learn from one another. These sessions are facilitated by trained therapists.

4. Individual Counseling: Individual counseling sessions allow individuals to work closely with a counselor to address their specific addiction-related issues and develop personalized strategies for recovery.

5. Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT): For individuals struggling with opioid or alcohol addiction, we offer medication-assisted treatment that combines medication, such as methadone or buprenorphine, with counseling and behavioral therapies.

6. Holistic Approaches: We also provide alternative therapies like yoga, meditation, art therapy, and equine-assisted therapy to help individuals address addiction from a holistic perspective, promoting overall well-being.

7. Family Therapy: Addiction affects not only the individual but also their loved ones. We offer family therapy sessions to address interpersonal dynamics, improve communication, and foster a supportive environment for recovery.

It’s important to note that our treatment plans are tailored to each person’s unique needs and may involve a combination of these approaches. Our experienced team of professionals will work with individuals to determine the most appropriate approach for their specific situation.

Yes, detoxification is included in our treatment program. We provide medically supervised detox services to help patients safely and comfortably withdraw from drugs or alcohol.

Yes, family members are typically encouraged to be involved in the treatment process at addiction treatment centers. Family involvement can be beneficial for both the person receiving treatment and their loved ones. It can help provide support, education, and understanding about addiction, and can also play a role in the recovery process. Family therapy sessions and support groups are often available to facilitate family involvement and address any family dynamics that may have contributed to the addiction. However, the extent of family involvement may vary depending on the specific treatment program and the wishes of the individual receiving treatment.

There are several aftercare and support programs available to help maintain sobriety after completing treatment. Some of the options include:

1. Outpatient therapy or counseling: Many treatment centers offer outpatient therapy or counseling services to help individuals continue their journey to sobriety. These sessions can provide ongoing support, education, and relapse prevention strategies.

2. Support groups: Programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) provide a community of support and accountability for individuals in recovery. These groups offer regular meetings, sponsorship, and a structured program for maintaining sobriety.

3. Sober living homes: For individuals who need additional support transitioning back into daily life, sober living homes provide a structured, substance-free environment with accountability and peer support.

4. Individualized aftercare planning: Many treatment centers will create a personalized aftercare plan for each client, which may include ongoing therapy, support group recommendations, and other resources to support long-term recovery.

5. Family support programs: Family education and support programs can help loved ones understand and navigate the changes that come with a person’s recovery, fostering a healthy home environment and providing additional support for the individual in recovery.

It’s important to discuss with the addiction treatment center what aftercare and support programs they offer and to create a plan that best fits your individual needs and circumstances.

Break free from addiction and reclaim your life

Take the first step towards a brighter future. Say goodbye to addiction and hello to a life of freedom and fulfillment. Reclaim control, restore relationships, and rediscover your passions. Don't wait any longer - you deserve a life that is addiction-free. Start your journey to recovery today.

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