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Local Resources & Information for Clifton, Passaic County

Clifton, Passaic County Addiction Treatment Guide

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Addiction Treatment near Clifton, Passaic County

group therapy of multiracial young people in a classroom
group therapy of multiracial young people in a classroom

Located near Clifton, Passaic County, Right Choice Recovery is a state-of-the-art addiction treatment center committed to providing exceptional recovery services. They are renowned for their unparalleled 1:1 client-to-staff ratio guaranteeing personalized care and focus.

Right Choice Recovery offers an extensive range of holistic programs, tailored to suit individual viabilities for a thorough and effective recovery journey. Paramount to their methods is the cherry-picked family support system, deeply involving family members in the process of recovery.

Steered by staunch values of compassion and dedication, Right Choice Recovery stands as a haven offering a specialized proprietary blend of science-based, integrative medicine services, and clinical care. Expect evidence-based treatment techniques including individual and group therapy as well as holistic therapies. Right Choice Recovery is truly the ideal sanctuary for individuals striving to overcome addiction.

Our Unique Expertise

  • Personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual's needs and goals
  • Evidence-based treatment modalities backed by scientific research
  • Access to a range of holistic therapies for a comprehensive approach to recovery
  • Ongoing family support system to facilitate healing and strengthen relationships
  • State-of-the-art addiction treatment center equipped with advanced technology and resources
Diverse group of people sitting in circle in group therapy session.

Our Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction Statistics, Clifton, Passaic County

In 2020, 5.65% of rehab admissions in New Jersey were from Passaic County residents. Heroin addiction was the leading cause for rehab enrollment in Passaic, followed by alcoholism and marijuana use. Women comprised 46% of those seeking help for alcohol addiction, while men constituted 83% for heroin addiction and 82% for other drugs.

Notably, women accounted for 65% of benzodiazepine prescriptions in Passaic. Additionally, 25% of opiate prescriptions in Passaic County targeted individuals aged 55-64. In Clifton, 26% of individuals with substance abuse issues began before age 18. Moreover, 10% of residents admitted to driving under the influence, while 32% knew someone struggling with drug addiction.

Clifton, Passaic County, NJ, grapples with opioid addiction. Economic struggles and healthcare access issues exacerbate the problem. Efforts involve prevention, treatment, and harm reduction strategies. Collaboration among community organizations, healthcare providers, and law enforcement is key. Addressing stigma and social disparities is crucial for lasting solutions.

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Emergency Services in Clifton, Passaic County

Medical department

900 Clifton Ave, Clifton, NJ 07013 +19734705900

Police department

880 Clifton Ave, Clifton, NJ 07013

Fire department

Mental Health Clinic-Passaic
1451 Van Houten Ave, Clifton, NJ 07013
Open 24 hours

A Space For You Mental Health Care
855 Valley Rd Suite 205, Clifton, NJ 07013
9 AM–9 PM
Weekends 9 AM–5 PM

St. Joseph’s Health Urgent Care
35 Ackerman Ave, Clifton, NJ 07011
8 AM–8 PM
Saturday, 9 AM–3 PM
Closed on Sunday

AFC Urgent Care Clifton
889 Allwood Rd, Clifton, NJ 07012
8 AM–8 PM
Weekends 8 AM–5 PM

Emergency Room Department – at St. Mary’s General Hospital
350 Boulevard, Passaic, NJ 07055
+19733654489 Open 24 hours

Community Services in Clifton, Passaic County

Assist Medical Service
490 Getty Ave, Clifton, NJ 07011
5 AM–11 PM
Sunday, 9 AM–5 PM

Healthcare, tablet and nurses talking and planning schedule for medical team while online with hosp

Community Resources in Clifton, Passaic County

    Alcoholics Anonymous

    Tuesday, 7:00 pm
    352 Clifton Ave
    Clifton, NJ 07011

    5:30 AM EST
    900 Clifton Avenue, Clifton, NJ, 07011

    12:00 PM EST
    Clifton Courage To Change Group
    900 Clifton Avenue, Clifton, NJ, 07011

    Narcotics Anonymous

    United Reformed Methodist Church
    352 Clifton Avenue
    Clifton, NJ 07011-2619
    Directions: Christian Counseling Center
    Saturday 10:00 am

    United Reformed Methodist Church
    352 Clifton Avenue
    Clifton, NJ 07011-2619
    Directions: Christian Counseling Center, Door on right side in the driveway
    Wednesday 7:30 pm

    United Reformed Methodist Church
    352 Clifton Avenue
    Clifton, NJ 07011-2619
    Sunday 7:30 pm

Sober Activities in Clifton, Passaic County

In Clifton, Passaic County, visitors can explore the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park, shop at the Clifton Commons shopping center, dine at local eateries like Rutt's Hut and Corso 98, hike in Weasel Brook Park, and catch a show at the Clifton Arts Center and Sculpture Park.

  • The Yogi Berra Museum in Montclair, New Jersey offers visitors a chance to learn about the life and career of the legendary baseball player. Explore interactive exhibits, view memorabilia and artifacts, attend special events, and take a guided tour of the museum. Don’t miss the outdoor Yogi Berra Learning Center and mini golf course.

  • The Presby Iris Gardens in Montclair, New Jersey offers visitors the chance to explore over 10,000 iris plants in full bloom. Guests can take guided tours, attend lectures, workshops, and demonstrations, or simply stroll through the picturesque gardens. The annual Garden State Iris Society Show is a highlight of the season.

  • Twin Lakes Golf Course offers a variety of activities for golfers of all skill levels. From playing a round on the beautiful 18-hole course to practicing on the driving range or putting green, there is something for everyone. You can also take lessons from a professional instructor or participate in tournaments and events throughout the year.

  • Hemlock Overlook Regional Park offers a variety of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy hiking, biking, and picnicking along the park’s scenic trails. The park also features a ropes course, zip lining, and overnight camping options. Nature lovers can explore the park’s forests, streams, and wildlife habitats.

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What is "addiction treatment"?

An addiction treatment facility is a specialized establishment that provides professional care and support for individuals struggling with substance abuse or behavioral addictions. These facilities offer a range of services to help individuals overcome their addiction, including medical detoxification, therapy sessions, counseling, support groups, and aftercare programs. The primary goal of an addiction treatment facility is to provide a safe and structured environment where individuals can access comprehensive treatment to address the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of their addiction. Qualified healthcare professionals and addiction specialists work closely with patients to develop personalized treatment plans and assist them in their journey towards recovery.

African american man talking about alcohol addiction at aa therapy meeting with people

Who is "addiction treatment" for?

An addiction treatment facility is for individuals who struggle with addiction to drugs, alcohol, or other harmful substances. It is a safe and supportive environment where individuals can receive comprehensive treatment, therapy, and education to overcome their addiction and achieve long-term recovery. Addiction treatment facilities cater to people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds who seek professional help to overcome addiction and take control of their lives. They offer various programs, including inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare, tailored to the unique needs of each individual based on the severity of addiction and other personal factors.

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Take the first step towards healing and find hope today. Don’t wait any longer to begin your journey to recovery. Click here to learn more about our life-changing programs and take control of your future. Your path to healing starts now.

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How to find Right Choice Recovery from Clifton, Passaic County

Frequently Asked Questions

At our addiction treatment center, we offer various evidence-based programs to cater to individuals struggling with addiction. Some of the types of addiction treatment programs we offer include:

1. Inpatient Rehabilitation: Our inpatient program provides a structured environment where individuals live at the treatment center for a specified duration. This program offers intensive therapy, medical support, and 24/7 care to facilitate recovery.

2. Outpatient Rehabilitation: Our outpatient program allows individuals to live at home while attending therapy sessions and treatment programming at our center. This program offers flexibility for those who have work or family commitments.

3. Dual Diagnosis Treatment: We offer specialized programs for individuals with co-occurring mental health disorders alongside addiction. Our dual diagnosis treatment integrates mental health care with addiction treatment to provide comprehensive support.

4. Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): Our IOP is suitable for individuals who require a higher level of care than traditional outpatient treatment. This program involves structured therapy sessions and skill-building activities to support recovery while allowing individuals to continue with their daily responsibilities.

5. Individual Counseling: We provide one-on-one counseling sessions with trained therapists to assist individuals in addressing their specific addiction issues, exploring underlying causes, and developing coping strategies.

6. Group Therapy: Our group therapy sessions create a supportive and empathetic environment where individuals can connect with others facing similar challenges. These sessions encourage sharing experiences, learning from peers, and developing a strong network of support.

7. Relapse Prevention Programs: We focus on equipping individuals with effective relapse prevention strategies to maintain long-term sobriety. These programs include education, counseling, and developing personalized relapse prevention plans.

8. Family Therapy: We recognize the importance of involving families in the recovery process. Our family therapy programs aim to improve family dynamics, provide education about addiction, and enhance the support system for individuals in treatment.

It’s worth noting that the specific programs offered may vary depending on the treatment center. We recommend contacting our center or visiting our website to learn more about the comprehensive addiction treatment programs we provide.

The duration of the treatment program can vary depending on the individual’s needs and progress. Some programs may last for a few weeks, while others can span several months or even longer. It is important to consult with the specific addiction treatment center to get accurate information about their program duration.

Yes, we have medical professionals on staff at our addiction treatment center. Our team includes doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who specialize in addiction medicine and are dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalized care to our patients. They play a crucial role in the detoxification process, managing any medical complications, and implementing evidence-based treatment plans to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients’ recovery.

The treatment center offers a range of amenities to support the recovery process. Some of the amenities available may include:

1. Comfortable and well-equipped living accommodations
2. Nutritious meals and dining facilities
3. Fitness facilities and opportunities for physical exercise
4. Outdoor recreational areas and access to nature
5. Group therapy rooms and individual counseling spaces
6. Relaxation areas, such as lounges or outdoor seating
7. Recreational activities, such as art therapy or music therapy
8. Access to medical and psychiatric services
9. Supportive staff available around the clock
10. Educational resources and workshops
11. Laundry facilities
12. Wi-Fi access
13. Transportation services for outings or off-site appointments
14. Family visitation and involvement opportunities
15. Aftercare support and resources to aid in transition post-treatment.

It’s important to note that specific amenities may vary depending on the treatment center. It’s recommended to reach out to the specific facility of interest for a comprehensive list of amenities they provide.

Yes, the treatment center is equipped to handle co-occurring mental health disorders.

Find Hope and Heal: Start Your Journey to Recovery Today

Take the first step towards healing and find hope today. Don't wait any longer to begin your journey to recovery. Click here to learn more about our life-changing programs and take control of your future. Your path to healing starts now.

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