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Admission Process

To schedule an assessment/intake appointment at Right Choice Recovery for yourself or someone else, call 732-908-2111. One of our admissions staff members will assist you with the next steps so you can get the help you need.

What happens after you call to schedule an assessment?

1. Admissions requests client information

Our admissions staff member takes your general information, including your name, birth date, contact and insurance information, as well as a brief description of your current symptoms or substance use. If you cannot contact us yourself, family members, doctors, social workers, EAPs or therapists can contact us on your behalf to schedule the initial appointment.

2. Admissions schedules a Level of Care Assessment (LOCA)

Admissions will help determine which level of care is best suited for you based on the programming available. They will then schedule your intake with one of the clinicians at the facility. The purpose of the admissions interview is simply to schedule an intake appointment. It is not a clinical evaluation.

If you call in a state of emergency, the intake coordinator will gather information to determine if you are in imminent danger. If you are in immediate danger, we will refer you to your local emergency room or 911 for immediate assistance and to ensure that you receive the appropriate higher level of care. Otherwise, you will be registered and scheduled for the first available and mutually agreed upon initial appointment.

Insurance Coverage

During your phone intake, we will ask you to provide your insurance information.

Our team will verify your benefits and determine any potential deductible or other out-of-pocket requirements based on your coverage.

As part of your initial assessment, we will offer a treatment recommendation and then help you understand what your insurance will cover and what you will be responsible for.

Insurance Options for Drug Rehab   

We accept most insurance plans 

The Right Choice Recovery admissions team works around the clock to ensure that we can help as many families as possible. Verify your benefits now and someone will be in touch.

Verify insurance benefits