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Partial Care Program in New Jersey

At Right Choice Recovery, we understand that the path to overcoming addiction is unique for each individual. This understanding is at the core of our Partial Care Program, designed to offer a structured yet flexible approach to addiction treatment. Located in the heart of New Jersey, our facility provides a supportive environment where individuals can begin their journey towards recovery with the right balance of independence and care. Our program is designed to meet the needs of those who require intensive treatment but also benefit from the freedom to engage with their community and daily life. In the following sections, we’ll explore what a Partial Care Program is, why it might be the right choice for you in New Jersey, what you can expect during your time in the program at Right Choice Recovery, and how to take the first step towards a healthier, substance-free life.

What Is A Partial Care Program?  

A Partial Care Program, often referred to as day treatment or partial hospitalization, is a comprehensive, non-residential form of addiction treatment that bridges the gap between inpatient care and outpatient services. This type of program is designed for individuals who require a significant level of medical and therapeutic support but do not need 24-hour supervision. At Right Choice Recovery, our Partial Care Program offers structured treatment services during the day, allowing clients to return to their homes or sober living environments in the evening.

Who Needs Partial Care Treatment at Right Choice  

Partial care treatment at Right Choice serves as a crucial stepping stone for individuals navigating the recovery process from substance abuse or mental health challenges. This program provides a structured yet flexible environment, fostering healing with a balance of independence and support. It is specially tailored for those displaying certain behaviors or attributes that signify a need for intensive, structured care without the confines of a residential facility. Here’s who might benefit from Right Choice’s partial care treatment:

  • Difficulty Managing Daily Responsibilities: Individuals struggling to manage daily responsibilities due to substance use or mental health issues can find the structured support they need at Right Choice.
  • Transitioning from Inpatient Care: Those moving from an inpatient treatment facility will find Right Choice’s partial care as a suitable step-down level of care, offering continued support while reintegrating into daily life.
  • High Risk of Relapse: For individuals at a high risk of relapse, Right Choice’s partial care provides more support than traditional outpatient programs, without the need for 24-hour supervision.
  • Co-occurring Disorders: Right Choice’s comprehensive approach is beneficial for those dealing with both substance abuse and mental health disorders, offering coordinated care for dual diagnoses.
  • Need for Structured Therapy: Those who benefit from structured therapy schedules, including group therapy and individual counseling, will find Right Choice’s partial care program fitting, while still maintaining enough stability for non-residential care.
  • Support System Challenges: Individuals lacking a strong support system at home, or those in environments not conducive to recovery, will find a supportive community and safe space at Right Choice.
  • Previous Treatment Challenges: For those who have not achieved success with less intensive treatment forms, Right Choice offers a more focused and structured approach to effectively address substance use or mental health issues.
  • Readiness for Change: Individuals ready to make significant life changes but in need of intensive support and guidance will find the tools and resources necessary for meaningful and lasting change at Right Choice.

Right Choice’s partial care treatment is designed to meet individuals at any point in their recovery journey, offering the precise level of care needed to foster independence, resilience, and sustainable recovery.

Why Choose Partial Care At Right Choice In New Jersey  

Choosing the Partial Care program at Right Choice Recovery offers several unique advantages for individuals battling addiction and seeking a transformative path toward recovery. Our approach to Partial Care is designed with the understanding that recovery is a deeply personal journey that requires a blend of professional support, compassionate care, and a supportive community environment. Here’s why Right Choice stands out as the premier choice for Partial Care in New Jersey:

Expert and Compassionate Team: Our team comprises highly skilled professionals deeply committed to your recovery journey. We offer a nurturing environment where every individual is treated with respect, empathy, and understanding. Our staff’s expertise ensures that you receive the highest quality care tailored to your unique needs.

Individualized Treatment Plans: At Right Choice, we recognize that each journey to recovery is unique. Our Partial Care program offers personalized treatment plans that address not just the symptoms of addiction but the underlying causes. We focus on holistic healing, integrating physical, mental, and emotional health strategies to support your entire recovery process.

A Supportive Recovery Community: Being part of Right Choice means joining a community that cares. Our Partial Care program fosters a sense of belonging and connection, offering peer support that is invaluable during recovery. This community aspect ensures that you never feel alone on your path to wellness.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our facilities are designed to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment conducive to healing and growth. Located in the heart of New Jersey, Right Choice offers serene settings that encourage reflection, relaxation, and focus on your recovery journey.

Comprehensive Care Approach: We adopt a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, combining evidence-based therapies with innovative practices to address addiction’s physical, psychological, and social aspects. This comprehensive care ensures that you have access to all the tools and resources needed to build a foundation for lasting recovery.

Choosing Partial Care at Right Choice means selecting a program that truly understands the complexities of addiction and is dedicated to providing compassionate, individualized, and effective care to ensure your best chance at a successful recovery.

What To Expect During The Partial Care Program At Right Choice Recovery  

When you enroll in the Partial Care Program at Right Choice Recovery, you’re taking a significant step towards reclaiming your life from addiction. Here’s what you can expect during your time in the program, designed to provide you with the support, tools, and understanding you need for a lasting recovery:

Structured yet Flexible Schedule: The program runs Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM and Friday from 9:00 AM to 12 PM, offering a balance of structured support and personal time. This schedule allows you to engage deeply with your treatment while maintaining the ability to fulfill personal and family commitments.

Comprehensive Assessment: Upon entering the program, you’ll undergo a thorough assessment to tailor your treatment plan to your specific needs, challenges, and goals. This personalized approach ensures that your recovery journey is as effective and meaningful as possible.

Diverse Therapeutic Modalities: You’ll participate in various evidence-based therapies, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), motivational interviewing, and more. These therapies are designed to help you understand the root causes of your addiction, develop healthier coping mechanisms, and build resilience against relapse.

Peer Support and Group Therapy: A cornerstone of the Partial Care Program is the opportunity to engage with peers who are also on their recovery journey. Group therapy sessions provide a supportive environment to share experiences, challenges, and successes, fostering a sense of community and mutual support.

Family Involvement: Recognizing the importance of a supportive home environment, Right Choice Recovery includes family therapy and educational programs. These sessions aim to heal relationships, improve communication, and build a strong support network for your recovery.

Holistic and Experiential Therapies: Beyond traditional talk therapies, the program incorporates holistic approaches like mindfulness, meditation, art therapy, and music therapy. These therapies offer new ways to express yourself, manage stress, and connect with your emotions.

Continued Support and Planning: As you progress through the Partial Care Program, the focus will gradually shift towards developing a comprehensive aftercare plan. This plan will support your transition back into daily life, ensuring you have the strategies and resources needed to maintain your recovery long-term.

Entering the Partial Care Program at Right Choice Recovery means embarking on a journey of healing and transformation with the support of a dedicated team every step of the way.

Additional Rehab Programs In New Jersey at Right Choice Recovery  

Right Choice Recovery offers a comprehensive suite of programs tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals seeking freedom from addiction. These programs range from partial care to outpatient levels, catering to both adults and adolescents, including specialized support for compulsive gambling. Here’s a closer look at each:

Intensive Outpatient Day Program for Adults: Operating Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, this program offers concentrated support while allowing participants to spend their evenings at home, catering to those who require a structured treatment approach without full-time care.

Evening Intensive Outpatient Program for Adults: Designed for individuals with daytime commitments, this program runs from Monday through Thursday, 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. It provides a flexible option for adults seeking to balance treatment with work or school responsibilities.

Outpatient Level of Care for Adults: Available Monday through Friday, with sessions from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM or 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM, this program is suited for individuals seeking less intensive care. It offers the flexibility needed to integrate recovery efforts seamlessly into daily life.

Compulsive Gambling Outpatient Program: Held on Tuesdays from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, this specialized outpatient program addresses the unique challenges faced by individuals struggling with gambling addiction, providing targeted support and strategies for managing compulsive behaviors.

Compulsive Gambling Intensive Outpatient Program: This intensive outpatient service runs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. It is specifically designed for those dealing with gambling issues, offering an elevated level of care to tackle the complexities of this addiction.

Adolescent Partial Care: Available Monday through Thursday, this program offers a more intensive therapy option for younger individuals, providing the structured support needed during critical developmental years.

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program: Also running from Monday through Thursday, this program caters to adolescents requiring a significant level of support, focusing on their unique needs and challenges during recovery.

Adolescent Family Program: Held every Wednesday, this program is open to all families and loved ones of adolescents in treatment. It underscores the importance of family involvement in the recovery process, offering education, support, and guidance to strengthen family dynamics and support systems.

Discharge Planning/Aftercare: This essential component of Right Choice Recovery’s offerings provides ongoing support to individuals who have completed one of the more intensive programs. It includes individualized therapy tailored to ensure a smooth transition to everyday life and maintain long-term recovery.

Ready to Start Your Journey to Recovery?

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, the Partial Care Program at Right Choice Recovery can provide the structured support and comprehensive care needed to begin the healing process. Contact us today to learn more about the program and take the first step towards a healthier, fulfilling life free from addiction.

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